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Italmatch Chemicals

Italmatch Chemicals majors in the production of phosphorus derivatives, giving it a unique strength and leading position in the international market.

Although a relatively small company, compared to its main competitors, Italmatch Chemicals has earned the respect and trust, over a period of years, of such Multinationals leaders in their sectors, with particular regard to lubricant oil additives (L.O.A.), plastic & polymers flame retardant additives (F.R.) and other various industrial applications.

The wide sector already encompassed by Italmatch Chemicals is destined to expand even larger thanks to its historical ambition of growth.

The ability to combine the reliability of tradition with the opportunities offered by modern technology, implemented by an expert and dynamic management, results in Italmatch Chemical’s unparalleled creativity, competence and Customers satisfaction.

By focusing on today’s dynamic world of specialty chemicals and its expanding horizons, Italmatch Chemicals offers advanced and effective solutions based largely, but not exclusively, on phosphorus derivatives.

Careful environmental concern stands to witness the Company long term commitment to the market, as the technologically advanced systems adopted in its Spoleto plant stand to prove, with particular respect to the optimisation of environmental impact and increased safety.

For these reasons the Company has recently obtained the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Certification, and is operating according to both an Environmental Management System as well as a Safety Management System, both subject to periodical revisions and audits.

While ITALMATCH CHEMICALS regards the EU as its domestic market, the Company has a long and established tradition of exporting world wide.

Thanks to its network of extended contacts, supported by local, experienced agents or distributors based in the Mediterranean region, the Middle East, North and South America, C.I.S., South Africa and most Far East countries, over 60% of ITALMATCH CHEMICALS turnover is generated by export.

A dynamic team of sales and technical service staff provides prompt assistance world wide to ensure Customer satisfaction in terms of service, technical and application support.

ITALMATCH CHEMICALS “hands on”, flexible, “trouble shooting” approach enables effective tailor-made solutions and intervention to individual Customer requirements.

Global presence

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