Oil & Gas

Exploitation of challenging hydrocarbon reservoir is getting more and more frequent and requires that the state-of-the-art technologies are always at hand. The high market volatility makes the O&G Industry extremely demanding: the best technologies must be available at a reasonable cost/effective ratio. Non-less-complex challenges are from the increasingly severe standards that Operators and Institutions are dictating for mitigating the whole impact of Operations on the Environment and humans.

An expert chemistry partner is needed to support all the challenges of chemical treatments in the O&G.

Italmatch Group developed chemistries that can be used whether formulators need building blocks for designing their solutions or ready to use additives, generated by the joint work done by our basic R&D and our applicative laboratory team.

Although Italmatch Dequest® focus is on the whole spectrum of scale inhibition, the constant desire of developing new chemistries allowed the Company to offer a broad range of solutions including: cement additives, emulsifiers and dispersants for Drilling & Completion, antifoams, corrosion inhibitors and a complete set of polymers for phase separation to be used in the Production Operations, scale and corrosion inhibitors for Stimulation, Flow Assurance solutions including antifouling and flow improvers, specialties for Process applications like Metal Scavengers and antifouling and Fuel and Fireside Additives.

For the issues of inorganic scale – both inhibition and dissolution – Dequest® is offering a broad portfolio of additives that combines the well-known advantages of Phosphonates with the different features of polymers and biopolymers. The most frequently required environmental certifications – such as CEFAS Gold for UK – are available for some products and letters of access can be developed for Clients.

The Italmatch specialists are able to recommend which of the Dequest® chemistries fit at best the specific case, according to the mechanism of action required; it would be either threshold, crystal distortion, dispersion or chelation. Synergisms are continuously researched and offered as formulated specialties. Specific software and the most advanced laboratory tools are available to identify the scaling risk for each salt and support the selection strategy designation. Collaborations with universally recognized technology partners make Dequest the ideal chemistry partner for facing the current challenges in the O&G market.