Documentation and Certificates


Italmatch Chemicals makes available for printing or download a selection of certificates.

For downloads or printing select the subject of your choice from the menu at the left. We invite you to navigate through "Products" or through "Applications" for more detailed information.

Select from the list below for more information concerning specific certificates:

  • Newport, by Eastman - EMAS (UK-000024)
    Verified environmental management
  • Newport, by Eastman - Halal Certificate
    Scope: Water treatment chemicals, plasticizers, heat transfet fluids and hydrolic acid
  • Newport, by Eastman - ISO 9001:2008 (FM 01970)
    Scope: The manufacture and supply of watertreatment chemicals, plasticizers, heat transfer fluids, hydrolic acid and Skydrol© Aviation Fluid.
  • Newport, by Eastman - ISO 14001:2004 (EMS 34690)
    Scope: The manufacture of speciality chemicals
  • Newport, by Eastman - Kosher Certificate
  • Newport, by Eastman - OHSAS 18001:1999 (OHS 60388)
    Scope: The manufacture of speciality chemicals
  • Industry associations - (Association of Water Technologies)


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